News Archive 2018

News from 1st January - 31st December 2018
  1. The Right to Work


    COMMENT - The Archbishop writes in the Yorkshire Post and The Guardian today about allowing asylum-seekers to work... 

  2. BBC Radio 2 - Pause for Thought - Christmas Eve


    COMMENT - The Archbishop delivers a Pause for Thought, asking Do you believe yourself to be a source of joy to God? His pause follows in full...

  3. A Christmas message in the Yorkshire Post


    FEATURE - Writing in the Yorkshire Post, the Archbishop encourages us to take up the invitation to place our hand into the hand of God

  4. Archbishop holding candles by Christmas tree

    York Press Christmas message


    FEATURE - The Archbishop writes in York Press today, encouraging all to become beacons of light, joy and laughter for others...

  5. Light a candle


    FEATURE - The Archbishop writes in today's i newspaper - "It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"

  6. New Bishop of Jarrow announced


    NEWS - The new Bishop of Jarrow Designate was announced today. The announcement made by Downing Street this morning confirms that the next Bishop of Jarrow Designate is The Venerable Canon Sarah Clark.

  7. Illuminated star above clock on gatehouse

    Archbishop Sentamu’s invitation to Follow the Star this Christmas


    NEWS - A giant star has been illuminated on the front of the Gatehouse at Bishopthorpe Palace today, placed there as part of the #FollowTheStar campaign

  8. Front cover of the Spectator magazine showing cartoon carol singers

    The Spectator - Archbishop's notebook


    FEATURE - The Archbishop writes in the Christmas edition of The Spectator magazine. God invites us to share in His work of re-creation...

  9. Archbishop speaking in House of Lords

    Archbishop of York calls for reconciliation and a more civil Brexit debate


    COMMENT - On 12 December 2018 Lord Dykes asked Her Majesty’s Government “what representations they have received on a People’s Vote on Brexit.” The Archbishop of York, Most Revd John Sentamu, asked a follow-up question...

  10. Logo for BBC Radio 2

    BBC Radio 2 - What makes us human?


    COMMENT - The Archbishop of York gives his thoughts on 'What makes us human?' as part of a series with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2