Q & As with the Archbishop

These are all popular questions asked by young people on the Deanery Missions and on the Pilgrimage
What does a typical day look like for you?
Can you explain what your ‘job’ is?
Given the amount of suffering in the world, where do you think God fits into that?
How would you encourage someone to forgive after they have been badly hurt or had a loved one taken away?
Will non-believers be welcomed in the after life?
Some of the philosophers we study argue that religious experiences are not real and that you can’t use them for proof of Gods existence - where do you stand on that?
Can science and religion work in harmony with each other?
How would you respond to someone who says you don’t need religion in your life to lead a moral life?
How do you know God is real?
Muslims are often attacked in the media. Do you think you have a responsibility to support the Muslim faith and stamp out the stereotypes that are attached to them?
What are your interests? What do you enjoy doing when you have time off?