Archbishop with four people whilst on pilgrimage to Bridlington

Health and Wellbeing

Caring for all

One of the marks of a healthy society is how we look after those who most need our care and support

Speaking at the inaugural William Temple Foundation Lecture, the Archbishop said 'Freedom and fellowship work best when we seek not our own wellbeing but the general well-being of all – it is through service to family and community that society as a whole benefits. Our wider loyalties can be used to check our narrower one.'

Following the General Election in 2017, the Archbishop addressed the General Synod of the Church of England: 'The Christian vision is of a world in which we are created for fellowship and mutual responsibility rather than for individualism and consumerism, a world in which the principal aim of policy is to enhance the well-being (that is, the personal and communal flourishing) of all in society. As we now seek to reassess our relationships, in our local communities, in Europe, and internationally, our goal must always be the common good of all.'