Archbishop of York's Symposium

Archbishop of York head and shoulder image 2018 Duncan Lomax
In April 2010, in the wake of the Financial Crisis and with the prospect of a General Election, the Archbishop of York invited a group of academics and practitioners to come together for discussion.

It gave an opportunity to take stock, not only of the policies by which our society and our economy should be governed, but also of the underlying values and principles of which that society and economy are an expression.

The group comprises economists, financiers, historians, social scientists and theologians who are engaged in an open discussion on these issues. In the wake of what has happened in our economy and society in recent years, contributors share a commitment to finding a dynamic and accessible language through which to pursue the Christian understanding of 'the common good' in a way that will deliver actionable ideas, integrating theological insights with public policy.

Since then, the participants have met regularly to discuss a variety of topics.  These have included work and finance, health care, older people, education and entry to work, child poverty and the state of health of our representative democracy.

In 2015, the Archbishop of York, in conjunction with a number of the participants to the symposia, contributed to a book based on many of the symposia themes, entitled On Rock or Sand: Firm Foundations for Britain’s Future.

Since then, the symposium group has continued to meet together with major speakers, have met to consider topical subjects including constitutional reform, migration and the future of civil society.     

An introduction from the Chair, Ms Julia Unwin CBE

It is an honour to chair the symposium on behalf of the Archbishop. Our intention is to support the Archbishop in his work, and deepen the discussion about the range of social and economic issues affecting society, and the ways in which they can be addressed. We work by bringing together people who have thought deeply about the challenges facing society, along with invited experts, and in so doing hope that we can offer wisdom and knowledge in support of his work.

Details of Symposia held